Monday, December 2, 2013

Henna and Hair Color Manufacturing Process

Our Henna and Hair Color 
Manufacturing Process

Step1: Leaves of henna plant are picked off from fields or natural surroundings done manually by engaging man power.

Step2: Then the leaves are collected and sorted.

Step3:  In sorting procedure leaves which are fresh and are without any diseases or defect are selected for further processing. We procuring High quality Henna Leaves.

Step4: Henna Leaves from the fields are sieved to extract the impurities.

Step5: Finally leaves of henna plant are grinded in fully automatic machines.

Step6: After grinding henna is sieved again through the shifter  to extract the final impurities.

Step7: Packaging of Henna Powder in transparent polythene After Manufacturing Process: 

Step8: Weighting by  Wing Machine and sealed. 

Step9: Polythene pouch packing in colored aluminium pouches.

Step10: Packing in Cartons.

Step11: Final Packing and ready for shipment.

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